The blue mountain high school

The Blue Mountain High School has a wonderful privilege to accept a students into our educational institution. Our education philosophy centers around creating an innovative way of incorporating the syllabus into practical ways of life.

Our studies are very practical and our teachers thrive on makign the students feel confident and in control of what they are learning. 


Our vision

Our wish is to hope to develop a sense of engagement for our students whereby their self worth and skills are recognized and supported in a healthy environment. Students needs to understand and see the purpose to successfully complete high school, and feel they can be meaningful contributors to the society. 


Blue Mountain High School holds care and attention as a priority when it comes to teaching. Hence, our school has one of the best education systems due to the low number of students per class. In each grade (grade 7 through 11), there are three classrooms of 24 students each. This is number was set as ideal for one teacher to be able to help every student individually.  

Our school also values the use of technology and media because, inevitably, they are part of every student's daily life. And it will interest students when such media tools are used for educational purposes. It will also provide students with a perspective that technology has many different purposes. Each classroom is equipped with 24 computers that have all the softwares needed by our teachers. However, we have chosen to maintain blackboard in all the classrooms. Indeed, a school without a blackboard is like Paris without the Eiffel Tower. There are also projectors in every classroom. 

In addition we have 2 biology laboratories and 2 chemistry laboratories in our facility. The science teachers are welcome to 
use them at any time.   


Our students come from many different backgrounds. However, you need to have a certain economic status to attend our school. the reason being that due to the extended care and the facilities we offer children, they should be able to afford it. 

It is also our responsibility to establish our curriculum and set an example for other schools throughout the country. As our society is evolving, we need to change our methods and adapt our educational institutions to evolve as well.

For the moment, it is maintained as a private educational institution since great liberty is provided to the highly qualified teachers to structure their classes. However, the usage of media and technology is greatly valued and our approach is viewed as the future of education, the direction all education system are headed towards.