My reflections

Making these online unit plans was a lot of fun. Making all these powerpoint presentations by looking through my own high school notes was a great walk down memory lane. And to know that I am able to share my methods of teaching with others to inspire is a great thing to know. 

As opposed to paper unit plans, online ones have the capacity to reach more people who may be near or far. The main challenges that I was faced with while developing this plan was the timings of each activity. Since I have not done these activities with my class yet, the times allotted to each portion may differ. Also, we cannot predict the amount of questions students might have and how difficult they may find the material. 

As far as the media component, it will allow student to do something they do leisurely to be applied in school. and their familiarity with the digital world will make them feel more comfortable. Also, I don't believe in forcing long lecture hours on students. By separating the theory with occasional break,s labs, projects, it makes the load feel less.

Making the voicethread and the prezi presentation will refresh the students' memories by reviewing the theories. And when it is presented in class multiple times, the material will register clearly in their heads. 

Hence, I am very satisfied with my ideas and the projects I have suggested in this unit plan. I like the material I have chosen to teach and the concreteness of the material. The powerpoint presentations I created are all very concise and easily explainable to student.s Hopefully, this project inspires everyone to understand that media and technology can indeed be used in effective ways for many different purposes if use adequately.