I believe that a subject like biology needs to be understood and not memorized completely. I know, from personal experience, that often, in subjects like biology, students memorize the theory, only to regurgitate the information on the exam and forget all about it. That in itself is a waste of my time. When you teach something to someone, the most important facts have to at least remain in your brain. To avoid such situation, my assessments will come from their project and conduct in class and labs


  • Photovoice Project (20%): will be assessed on students' ability to relay information in a clear manner and present it to the class and to also find credible information from books and the internet

  • Prezi Project (30%): will be assessed on ability of students to summarize and concisely convey information. 10% of this will be alloted to the oral presentation
  • Lab Report (20%): will be assessed on the inclusion of all the demanded elements and clear justification of everything

  • Powerpoint Presentation (20%): will be assessed on the creativity of the writing and pictures, description, overall understanding of the subjects

  • Questions (5%): will obly be assessed to see if the questions were completed 

  • Class participation (5%): student's involvement in class, answering questions, helping teammates during labs