Hi everyone! 
I'm Harani and currently teaching Grade 10 biology at Blue Mountain High School. My life is all about the 24 lovely students I have. 

MY philosophy

My philosophy as a teacher revolves around having a a close realtionship with my students. I also love using all the techonology at my disposition. We all know and grew up in a generation where computers and internet were a big part of our lives. It would be hypocritical for me to tell you that we should discourage the use of media. There are education ways to use the tools available to us. I believe that it also a better way to interact with your student. Instead of them looking at the teacher as coming from the dinosaur age, they will know that you are also like them. 

Why Biology?

I chose to teach biology because in my childhood, although I loved biology, I never quite felt like I got what I wanted out of it. Biology is such an important and fascinating topic. It explains the very core of our existence and a living thing's ability to survive in this world. There are too many people who have ruled out biology simply because of the teacher they've. It's challenging subject to teach as it can complex at times.   Biology is a science which studies life and biological systems involved, their structures, functions, growth, origin, evolution. Biology is a vital subject because of how often we can see in our daily life. From the food we eat to walking outside in the sun to sleeping, there is a biological connotation to every living thing. Hence, I took up biology as an opportunity to make my difference in society, to educate the students about it in an interesting and engaging manner.. 


I created this website with 10 lessons plants on all aspects of plants that are important to give you an idea of how classes are designed at Blue Mountain High School. This type of teaching that incorporates media and technology is the future. It's a reality that we have to face when talking about teenagers today. We might as well use that as an advantage to us and effectively use it as a teaching tool. 

Content of lessons

All 10 of these lesson plans are on plants and everything about them. It allows to perform interesting lab experiments as well as induce further thinking from the students because of the complex nature of the content.