• Ability to summarize and develop personal notes
  • Grasp how to use powerpoint  


  • Compute with Powerpoint and Internet
  • Projector

correcting the questions (20 minutes)

We will be going over all the questions from last class. I will not provide but ask students to share what they found with their classmates. Assignments will be picked up at the end, after the corrections

Today's lesson

Today's lecture is in a different format that the others. I will distribute a handout of the notes to the students who have to make power point presentation from them, taking out the most pertinent information. This will be done individually.
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Working with powerpoint (30 minutes)

This time will be used to provide an overview of powerpoint and its basic features. Then, students will be given 20-30 minutes to work on summarizing the information given. Following which, we will watch recap videos of the processes of reproduction to end class.

Sexual Reproduction

asexual reproduction