Photosynthesis project

Copyright to Prezi


  • Apply concepts you learned from the process of photosynthesis
  • Be able to see the big picture of the processes 
  • Learn to use the Prezi software


  • Computer with internet

Prezi Photosynthesis project (30%)

Understanding prezi (25 minutes)

Students will get to know Prezi and how it works.  

Step-by-step tutorial

  • Help students create an account
  • Their prezi project would be to create a prezi about the process of photosynthesis. 
  • Separate photosynthesis into many steps and show that using prezi
  • Make a prezi presentation in groups of two 
  • First, show the teacher an outline of how you have divided the steps and then proceed to making the prezi 

Work on prezi (25 minutes)

For the rest of the class, the teacher will be available to answer any questions regarding the prezi software or even if you don't understand anything about photosynthesis.